Guys, Guns & God

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GUYS, GUNS & GODby Randy Abramovic

About The Book

The guide is not a religious book or only for gun owners. Guys, Guns & GOD is a 31-day predictable process to achieve a happier and more purposeful life, where one learns to discern what matters motivated by faith, hope, and the exhilaration of shooting guns.

This is a self-improvement challenge. By investing in yourself, you will discover a deep desire to be more productive and effective in life by building up your confidence, competence, and integrity. The Book of Proverbs is designed to give you God’s guidance in matters related to everyday life. Proverbs 27:17 (NLT) says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

Because of our inherent weakness to easily slip back into old behaviors and attitudes, we have incorporated tools to identify areas needing improvement and warrant remembering. Building on your new confidence will help you learn to think for yourself and react accordingly, a skill set you may have never experienced or were appropriately taught.

Shooting sports and living well takes practice and wisdom, as there are fundamental laws for safety and improving accuracy in all aspects. This collective pursuit of spiritual and firearm study will build personal responsibility that you will carry with you for a lifetime and be seen as a person of high integrity.

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Randy Abramovic

Randy Abramovic began his corporate career in marketing at ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Company) and Coca-Cola USA while earning his MBA in marketing at Pepperdine University in California.

His entrepreneurial journey started with his marketing business, which ran for twenty-seven years before he sold it.

Over these years, Randy learned a lot about his desires, talents, skills, and spiritual gifts. His faith and understanding of divine guidance grew as he matured spiritually.

Sometimes, God wakes Randy up from a deep sleep after dreams. He now realizes how important it is to get up from bed and get somewhere where he can capture these vivid dreams.

Guys, Guns & GOD happens to be one of these dreams. Randy feels that the Holy Spirit has led him to write this book. In writing this book, he is trying to fulfill a portion of his life purpose: "Honoring God by sharing creative leadership with people and organizations to impact our world positively."

Randy and his wife, Lynn, have been happily married since 1979. They have two daughters, Lauren and Heather, and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Randy now writes, speaks, and mentors others as he continues his "Pre-tirement" (preparing for eternity).

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